DieMarie´s Catering Service Your own private culinary experience

Your wish matters

Each single kitchen at the chalets and in the suites has its own bespoke design and is lovingly made by hand. Should you not feel like cooking during your holiday, but be outdoors or do something else instead, we might be able to offer you a delicious alternative: our DieMarie´s Catering Service. Book our gourmet artists and indulge in regional top quality menus within your own four walls - freshly prepared in your own kitchen.

Whether lunch or dinner, our chefs will gladly prepare our own hunted most tender saddle of venison, young venison and yearling beef. They might add cep, blueberries and cowberries, picked at the nearby forest and vegetables from the Aschau perm culture. And before the freshly caught mountain trout touches your plate, it has been swimming in the Schlegeis basin. Only regional ingredients will be served. And any interesting details about them will be shared with you, at first hand.

It is of major importance to our cooks not to lose the natural aromas and the high quality of the raw ingredients. That is why they use fresh, regional, and mainly organic, ingredients, refining them with an international touch. Our creed: Every single ingredient should have its full original flavour. With all the effort, put in, however, it is basically all about that one moment, when the first bite has been taken and the taste buds will be overwhelmed, not knowing what hit them. This moment is simply priceless to our cooks.

Make reservations now, by telephone – the sooner, the better: + 43 5282 2236